Learn how to start working remotely right now with SkillsellNG.

You don’t have to be a genius in any profession to know how to earn money on SkillsellNG.

That is its greatest advantage.

Although it is different from the conventional application-proposal system of other freelance platforms, it has been a good starting point for many freelancers. It is the best platform for those who have decided to move to other platforms and create their business independent of it.

SkillsellNG has been one of the platforms that I have used to generate an extra income dedicating 1–2 hours a day.

The fun thing about SkillsellNG is that, once sales start to flow, nothing stops them.

If they give you five little stars a couple of times, the same system starts promoting your mjobs (we’ll talk about what it is) so that customers buy it. If SkillsellNG does so, you (and SkillsellNG) make money.

For profitability reasons, I have never decided to use freelance pages. Unlike other freelancing pages, it is the customer who looks for the service, not us bidding on jobs.

What Is SkillsellNG Exactly?

In a nutshell, SkillsellNG is a micro-job platform for exchanging services in digital media.

I buy and you deliver whatever can be provided digitally (literally whatever).

Creativity reigned on this platform and compared to platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. It is less professional, indeed.

That less professional can be both good and bad.

It is good because you have less barrier to entry and you can quickly start generating money.

It is bad because it is generally challenging to find high-quality clients who take into account the value of your work (that is, most are looking for the cheapest, not necessarily the best).

And well, that makes it more attractive for beginners to make money quickly.

Can you Trust SkillsellNG?

Of Course!

SkillsellNG is a new but better e-lance system in the market made especially for Nigerians. Every 5 seconds, there is one service purchased. There are millions services sold in there. It is a big company, and no one may say it is another scam company.

Do I need to know English to sell on SkillsellNG?

The platform enables several languages, including Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Swahili, Spanish, Germany, and Portuguese.

However, the official available in English only. Of course, it should not limit you to offer services in other languages. In fact, there are thousands of mjobs presented in Spanish and more.

Even though (obviously) English is the predominant language, you can generate income even if you only know your native language.

The advantage of SkillsellNG is that you should not be interviewed or talk to your customers on the phone at any time, as is the case with other platforms.

So if you understand English and have no problem saying “Hello” “Thank you for your order” and “What else do you need” I consider it sufficient (since you can even translate the description of your service on the same platform if you need it).

How to Work at SkillsellNG and What Should I Do?

Starting to sell on SkillsellNG is easy and you don’t need to go through a review process or pay to join.

It is as simple as registering on any page. Once you are registered, you have the opportunity to create a mjob.

A mjob is a way to call the service you offer, which is represented by a rectangle and is what appears to potential buyers in the search engine when they are looking for services.

Basically, a mjob is the mechanism that is used to sell (or buy) services on the platform

How Much Can I Earn On SkillsellNG?

This entirely varies. I would like to give you a direct answer, but it will vary from many things.

You can generate a decent income of ‎₦ 200,000–4,000 within the platform, but if you can dedicate more time and consistency to the platform there is no limit to how much you can earn

The first weeks will be the most challenging and then the orders will arrive without marketing effort (and that’s where you start to increase your price). I experienced that situation myself.

To give you a realistic answer, I consider that with excellent service, training, and dedicating at least 1 hour a day. It is realistic to expect 100- 300,000 naira the first month using the different options of additional gigs that SkillSellNG has.

From there, the income multiplies more and more every month, and more.

Note: The SkillSellNG system will charge you 15% of the income you receive.

Tell yourself that if you charge ₦2,000 (2K) for a service, you will receive ₦1,700. If you charge ₦4,000, you will receive ₦3,400, and so on.

The Myth of Jobs for ₦2K

You should know that the least of mjobs that can be submitted is ₦2K.

It also is in their interest that you charge more (of course, they charge more commissions) now they invite you to increase your rates continually.

They have even created campaigns for professionals in their area to have special recognition and collect what they deserve. Some people can charge ₦50K-₦200K for a single mjob.

Of course, it is something for professionals. But if your goal is to start on SkillsellNG as beginners, that gives you hope that one day you can reach that level.

With consistency and a level of professionalism, your achievements are not limited on SkillsellNG.

Final Thoughts

What is the worst thing that can happen? If you create your first gig and it doesn’t work, there is always another chance.

You don’t lose anything, dare to try it!

As always, I want to hear that you knew about SkillsellNG, are you willing to try to start your freelance career on this platform? What else do they need to know? Let me know in the comments.