I bet you’re doing good.
Today, I’m going to show you how to create an Mjob that sells. its a long email, but you need to read till the end if you want to make sales.
What is an Mjob?
Mjobs (micro-jobs) are services you render on ‘pay per task’ basis. When creating such services on SkillSell NG we call it “Mjobs”. You can create as many mjobs as possible.
Creating an Mjob that sells in order to create attractive and selling mjobs there are a few things to consider.
  1. Your Mjob title: This is a very important aspect when it comes to creating your services. Your title tells users that your mjob is available on the platform and so if you don’t do it right, you might be loosing customers who may be interested in your service. So how do you create your titles? when creating your mjobs you should tell us what you can do or want to do.
For instance, if I want to create logo for you or Fliers, I can write my titles like this: “I will Create a dynamic Brand logo for your business” or “I will design high converting sales flier for you”. Your Title can be on any service you wish to render. Don’t meddle two services together, like “i will create your fliers and logo”, no, create Mjob for your services seperately.
   2.Your Description: Describing your mjob helps to tell your buyer about how you want to render your service. Your description could contain the size, format, volume (how many) to be delivered.
It helps to define what your client should expect from you, and if he wants more than what you have described, he can simply place a custom order which in turn can help you earn more.
A good description will save you the stress of giving too much explanation. It should be specific and concise.
3. Image: Your image also plays a big role on whether a user will order your mjob or not. Because the image, which could be a sample of your work, tells the user how good and how serious you are with what you do.
Your image must be relevant to your mjob. you do not want to display a logo image when you are offering a voice-over service, it tells how professional you are in what you do. Your image should clearly represent what you are offering.
4. Pricing: while setting your price tag, you must put in mind that if your price is too high, client might not go for your service. Especially if you are offering a competitive service.
You may have to compare your pricing with other sellers’  to know how to tag your mjob. Your price should not be too low or to high as price also determines quality.
5. Tags: tagging your mjobs is as important as your mjob. when you tag your mjob, it helps our search engine to filter and display your service when a user searches for an mjob related to your what you do. Tags can get you to the top of the search box.
If you carefully follow these 5 steps listed above, you are sure on your way to making your BIG SALES with SkillSell NG.